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An ansible is a category of fictional devices or technology capable of near-instantaneous or faster-than-light communication across infinite distances. At Ansible Labs, we plan to create the closest thing possible to a money movement ansible between web3/crypto and the traditional economy.
Anzen is building the first ever protocol for Private Credit protection.
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BAYZ is a web3 gaming company that helps members earn money by playing video games and being part of a global gaming community. We are a collection of gamers from all around the world, with a unique focus on Brazil as a starting point for our movement. We are outliers building the Metaverse Economy!
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Bitwave provides enterprises a complete drop in solution for handling digital assets. Our platform offers complex tax tracking capabilities, automatic mark-to-market capabilities, crypto invoicing, and crypto bill pay. Plus, a unique part of our solution is an industry first multi-user, multi-sig wallet with an eye on governance, so even businesses can hold their coins safely, securely, and compliantly. Bitwave is a full back-office software solution for businesses using crypto, holding tokens, and more.
Blink is decentralized social app giving creators all the tools to launch digital collectibles and build communities of superfans.
BlockchainSpace builds tools to empower play-to-earn communities, and also runs several educational academies that identify economic opportunities in play-to-earn games and shares learnings for new guilds to enter the space.
Save money by trading across multiple Crypto-Asset Exchanges from our simple interface or APIs. CoinRoutes Patent Pending Client-Deployed SOR allows clients to retain complete control over their exchange keys and wallets.
Evaluate.Market is a non-fungible token calculator platform intended to analyze, track and discover NFTs. The company's platform allows users to buy, sell and analyze digital collectibles, enabling users to make it easy to understand decisions around buying and selling NFTs.
Genie is building the brain of autonomous finance. Genie’s cutting-edge AI optimizes and manages portfolios based on end-user investment preferences, risk tolerance, and market conditions. Our vision is to enable smarter and effortless investing in digital assets for everyone. Genie’s team includes PhDs in Artificial Intelligence who have won international awards in their fields, finance experts from Wharton, and FinTech operators from Revolut with experience bringing to market successful FinTech products used by millions of people.
The GoodGhosting team believes in a world where saving is rewarding, easy and fun. Yet, traditional saving is often boring, hard and poorly rewarded. We are building engaging applications to help our community develop better financial habits, and have fun at the same time. For our first product, we are applying game design elements to the context of goal-based saving. This gamified approach rewards regular contributors who reach their set goals (more so than users who do not), thereby giving them the ultimate push to save. Rewards are generated using existing decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms in a non-custodial manner, where users retain full control over their deposits. You can think of GoodGhosting as a social saving game, built on top of blockchain technology. We aim to provide the infrastructure to customize your own goal-based saving games to play with your friends and family, as well as join games created by others. All with user safety, accessibility and decentralization in mind. Say hello to sexy saving, using the magic of DeFi and gamification!
Ignite Tournaments is the world’s first play-to-earn esports tournament organization and streaming app for mobile games with crypto payouts.
Membrane is a platform where users can transfer and lend digital assets. What makes them unique is their ability to automate this process. This provides users quick access to faster and cheaper OTC trading and Sec lending. Membrane has also been reducing gas fees through their patented netting and clearing process.